3 or 4-day programs include:

  • Hands-on training at YOUR office
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Follow-up support

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Hygienists are building a stronger careers, with better patient care and an improved work experience. Just read some of the results below:

Pat Worcester provides the best hands-on clinical class I have taken. This class is complete from beginning to end. Your are given patients that will challenge your clinical skills while you get to "play" with some of the newest tools available to the profession today, coached by one of the best hygienists in the country, Pat Worcester. It is rare today to find a nationally known clinician who lectures and teaches on what they do everyday!

The one-on-one attention you receive in this clinical setting cannot be matched. Regardless of your experience in the hygiene field, this Continuing Education training will leave you excited about your profession and ready to take your patients health to a higher level.

- Debbie Loveitt, RDH | Dr. Ted Morgan | Gorham, ME

When I first attended Pat Worcester's perio program, I had already been practicing hygiene to the best of my ability for over 20 years.  I had attended many, many continuing education programs and thought that I was doing the very best that I could with perio patients. I was wrong.  Pat started from the beginning showing me the correct way to perio chart, which had never been shown to me correctly.

By perio charting incorrectly, a number of my patients were being treated with "super prophies" instead of being treated properly by aggressively attacking the infection in their mouths.

Not only did she show me clinically how to treat some of the most advanced cases of perio, she also educated me on how to present what I found clinically to the patient and how to get case acceptance almost every time!

Our production has increased and our patients are healthier than they have ever been.  Pat teaches dental hygiene that encompasses the "whole health" of the patient - not just the health of their mouths.  Patients are surprised and grateful for the care that I give them, and I feel like I have done the patient a much better service than just a cleaning.  They come in more frequently and are just as concerned about the health of their mouth as I am.

If you don't have Pat come to your office, you will let the best one get away!  Pat gives you a wealth of information that you can use immediately!

- Donna Roper, R.D.H. | Breese Dental | Breese, Illinois

I wanted to share with you what an impact you have had our practice. While we thought that we had a handle on periodontal diagnosis, discussion and treatment, it wasn’t until you showed what we didn’t know that we realized the missed opportunities to help our patients take ownership of their disease and get them healthier.

Your passion, enthusiasm, and keen wit coupled with your abilities to connect with both the hygienists and patients has allowed us to take our hygiene practice to the next level. You know you always hear that the hygiene department is a loss leader.  Well not in this office!   All thanks to your commitment and faith in us our numbers are better than ever and our patients healthier.

Know that we will be having you back in our office again sometime this year as we feel that a yearly refresher is of much value.

Feel free to have anyone sitting on the fence give me a call.

- Joe Miranda, D.D.S. | Travis Walk Dental Care | Dallas, Texas

I also want to express my thanks to Pat and her incredible program. What a deal! In spite of the poor economy last year, our hygiene department increased their productivity by 11% after implementing most of her protocols. The best part about her program though is the improved perio health of our patients and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about! Thanks so much for your caring and expertise Pat."

- Wayne Harper and Team

Pat has been with me the last 2 years. The ROI is fantastic and it will be on going not a one time thing.

The real reward is the ability to really care for your patients. The ability to educate them on systemic health and the relation to their periodontal health and to get them really healthy.

So many patients do not want perio surgery. They also want us to provide them the treatment they need and to not go to another doctor. It has been great to treat them before surgery is needed. It is a great offer and you can not go wrong.

- Joseph D. Weber D.M.D.

Please take advantage of Pat`s stimulus. She is dedicated extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with. She brought my hygienists to the next level and we are all on the same page. The training also boosted their self confidence and motivation. Thank you Pat!!!!!!!!


I would second the recommendation to have Pat in to your office.  She has been to our office twice in the last year and has helped tremendously.  Great ROI.


I was 5 years into my hygiene career and getting bored. After training with Pat I could no longer go back to the old ways.  I was now a total health care provider and it gave me new life. I could no longer temp and had to work with Pat! I was lucky to obtain a position in Dr. Worcester’s office, I drive an hour each way and it is well worth the trip. Either in the office or at a seminar, Pat continues to share her knowledge and experience, so I am always learning.

- Cyndi Roussert, R.D.H. | West Palm Beach, Florida

There has been a lot of talk about hygiene consultants and I have been reluctant to jump into the water till last fall. So here is the truth about Pat.

First the soft touchy feely stuff. Pat is very smart and practical and combines these traits in a way that is rare in the world. I was quite impressed how she held her ground with our periodontist and earned his respect. She comes to work and puts incredible energy into her teaching. We set up the schedule for her to work with our hygienists and while they rotated in and out, she played the whole game full out. She is funny and very pleasant to be around for the docs and hygienists. She has a remarkable way to not make people feel like they are wrong, even when they really are and teaches everything from communication to how to scale better and sharpen instruments better. If you have the guts, take a plastic saliva ejector and test the instruments on the hygiene trays. They probably are not very sharp. Ours are now.

The whole way our hygienists approach the patients has changed from interest and application of their health and drugs etc and not making the patients wrong either. Even though hygienists are universally threatened to some degree when you bring someone in to “fix them”, she diffuses this with her warmth and concern for the profession of hygiene. Their communication and presentation skills are significantly improved as evidenced by the increase of case acceptance. They want her to come back for follow up on the quantitative side.

Our utilization rate of hygiene (hours filled / hours available) has gone up 7% since working with Pat. In addition to going up 7% we also added another full time hygienist and still the utilization rate has gone up 7% as stated above. Our perio scaling has increased 46% and our revenue from hygiene has gone up 21% since starting with Pat.

But in the last 3 months production per hour has increased for the lower producing hygienists from 135 per hour in 2007 to weeks where they routinely average 190 per hour with peak weeks of 220-240. We have just hired still another hygienist and she is doing pretty well too.

We expect full year over year revenue 2007 / 2008 to be closer to 35% higher.

-Jerry Simon, D.D.S.